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John Brown, NFATCA's President, is a candidate for the NRA Board of Directors in 2015. Please vote for your NFA rights!

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41P Status The White House push to hamstring the use of non-natural persons such as trusts and corporations to lawfully acquire and possses NFA weapons has been delayed yet again. The Obama administration sought to completely reverse the progress of NFATCA efforts to eliminate the CLEO signature requirement and add even more restrictions that would serve no public safety interest. The comments officially submitted in response to this effort were nearly universally opposed to what our President and his Department of Justice leaders wanted, including the NFATCA opposition statement. 9000+ statements are now being reviewed.

The response was so overwhelming that the White House conveniently pushed back a "final decision" until after the mid-term elections. An estimated delivery was pinned to January of 2015. Now that election results are in, that estimate has been revised to no earlier than May of 2015 and perhaps longer.

Machine Gun Repairs ATF issued Ruling 2014-1 in September of 2014. This ruling addressed several issues regarding the manufacture and repair of machine guns, including the "chaperoning" process. All are encouraged to become familiar with the ruling. Most importantly, post sample machine guns may still be repaired by qualified 07/SOT's. NFATCA recommends that a Form 5 be used for each repair.

Who Are You? Lot's of information floating around the Internet regarding what the NFATCA is and isn't, what we have and have not done, what we charge and who we support. Most of it is flat out wrong. Add to the mix several penned pieces by journalists who have never bothered to even interview the NFATCA or fact check their assertions... Click here for the fact list.


The NFATCA is a 501(c)(6) organization incorporated to get things done. We work with the BATF on a daily basis to insure that the things that matter to you are addressed. We do not flood your mailbox with junk, we do not jump at every hiccup. We take our time to methodically insure that your interests are fairly and properly represented.

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